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Think your equipment is too old to be upholstered?
Think again.
Equipment, no matter how old, in good mechanical order
 is a great candidate for reupholstery.
In just a few short hours convert your dirty, unattractive, patient chairs and stools into a fresh, clean, contemporary office.
Keep the same color, or update to something new.
You will be amazed by the results!

Choose from one of our available services:

"Easy to Install Upholstery"

"Easy to Install Upholstery" offers an alternative to a technician visiting your office. Upholstery arrives completed in the color selection of your choice, with all new foam and parts. Install at your convenience, in an evening or weekend. Adec, Belmont, Dental Ez, Healthco, Marus, Pelton Crane, and Schein are just a few of the models available. Complete upholstery includes headrest, armrests (where applicable), seat, backrest, and a plastic scuff cover. Doctor and assistant stools are available for most models too.
Delivery time is just one to two weeks! 

Refer to"Easy Install Upholstery" page, or
call today for pricing, and additional information.

"Office Visit"

Book an "Office Visit" * for your Dental Ez J, Chayes, Boyd, Ritter, and many other models not available as an Easy Install Upholstery.  We know how valuable your chair time is, so appointments are available seven days a week at no additional cost.  Have a technician visit your office and complete all your chairs and stools in just a few short hours. A painting service is also available for the plastic portions of your patient chair. 

* Ask if your location qualifies for this service.

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