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cleaning naugahyde

                               Care Instructions for Naugahyde

For easy cleaning of recent soiling, promptly wash with a mild soap solution. For a previously soiled area that has not yet penetrated the vinyl surface, scrub with a soft brush using a mild non-abrasive cleaner.

Cleaning frequency depends on use. Please clean and maintain your items regularly.

Clean all stains as quickly as possible and use the following cleaning procedures in order for best results.

Step 1.    Remove any excess spills with damp cloth. Clean with a mild liquid soap and water mixture. Rinse with clear water and dry.

Step 2.    Use straight application of concentrated cleaners such as Formula 409, or Fantastik mixed with water. Rinse with clear water. Wipe with a clean cloth.

Step 3.    For more difficult stains, use a 6% mixture of bleach with water. Rinse with clear water and dry. Never use bleach in full strength to clean vinyl.

Notes:    Please be sure to use a soft brush or cloth saturated with cleaning material. Always test cleaning methods on an
inconspicuous area of furniture. If stain persists, stain probably has set. Although this vinyl is resistant to common stains, some fabric dyes and ballpoint inks can create a permanent stain.

Caution:  Some solvents are highly flammable. Exercise proper care in cleaning. This information is not a guarantee and does not relieve the user from the responsibility of the proper and safe use of this vinyl and all cleaning agents.

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