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easy install upholstery

"Easy to Install Upholstery"
is shipped directly to your location and ready to install. Eliminate the "office visit" and additional cost by installing yourself. Chair packages contain all new foam, and parts. Seat, backrest, headrest, armrests (where applicable), and clear plastic toecover are included in package.
Its as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Identify your exact chair model. (Not all models pictured.)
2. Choose a color.  View our many selections directly from our website, or have samples sent to you at no additional cost.
3.  Place your order by phone, fax, or email.

Choose from:
Adec Model Decade #1015 & #1020 (Old & New versions)
Adec Model Decade #1021
Adec Model Cascade #1040 (Aseptic & Plush)
Adec Performer
Adec Model Priority #1005 (Standard & Plush)
Belmont Model #7
Belmont Model #10
Belmont Model #20 (With Armslings, Plush, & Benchmark)
Belmont Model # 50 
Belmont Model # 90
Dental Ez Advantage & E2000
Healthco Celebrity Elite & Standard
Marus Standard with Armslings
Midmark Plush
Pelton Crane Coachman
Pelton Crane Chairman & 5000 Series
Pelton Crane Spirit 1500
Pelton Crane Spirit 2000
Royal #16
Royal Domain #2250, #2240, & Signet #2210
Schein Standard & Plush

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"Easy to Install" replacement doctor and assistant
stool packages are also available.
Choose from Adec, Brewer, Pelton Crane Front Row, and Act 2.
Call for additional information, and pricing today!

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